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A reader. A lover of writing challenges. Now a blogger.

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Overall Ugly Words Challenge Review

The final review of my Ugly Words Challenge- Some lessons learned (or relearned) and some words and stories I particularly enjoyed or not.

Week 52 Recap

The final weekly recap!

Ugly Words Challenge- Day 313

Skylar may be grounded, but there is almost alwasy exceptions to every rule. Too bad Benti and Xaylum would rather met as usual.

Ugly Words Challenge- Day 311

Charwin has taken on the name Henry, and has decided to really blend in as a human since Star Surfer can not leave.

Ugly Words Challenge- Day 310

Just because you have the whole internet at your fingertips (or behind your eyelids) doesn't mean everything is easy.

Ugly Words Challenge- Day 301

Raymundo and DJ are looking at some of the stuff Raymundo's ancestors had hidden on Star Surfer.

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