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About Allison Wrote

Beyond the Words

I'm Allison Rott. My last name is pronounced just like wrote. Funny how I decided I love to write, huh?

This blog has been in the back of my mind for a while. I want to cover my own work, and delve into the work of others, book reviews really. But more. Seeing what we can learn from those who have already gotten their works published. Some well known, others likely less so.

If you love reading, or writing, I hope you enjoy your time here.

Notebook and Pen
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Published Short Stories

*Depending on the contract for being a contributing author I may earn a percentage of the royalties for every purchase. (But so would many other deserving authors!)*

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Lingering Rift

Foxtales 4


Published by the Fox Valley Writer's Group

George and Alice had a fight. On a cold winter's night George is hopeful he'll make up with his oldest friend. But really, when has anything in George's life ever been that easy.

Pocket Watch Problems

On Time


Published by Transmundane Press

Jane wants to get a special gift for Mark for their anniversary. She finds the family heirloom Mark had been searching for. Will Jane's night terrors over the consequences of the gift be more trouble than the gift itself?

Feeding the Universe

John and Emily's camping trip doesn't go as planned when an alien crash lands nearby.

72 Hours of Insanity: Anthology of the Games: Volume 7

Published by The Writer's Workout

(Out of Print)

Fixing the Balance



Published by TL;DR Press

Two faeries are n charge of watching over the balance of life and death. But even they cannot keep up against the rampant destruction from mankind. Before humanity starts to turn things around Life and the other faeries perish. Death is left trying to do the opposite of his skill set.

Egg Snatcher

Risingwing is left in charge of her Aunt's clutch of eggs. She thought egg sitting would be boring until the Egg Snatcher shows up.

Crunchy with Chocolate


Published by Wolfsinger Publications

PB&J Heroes

72 Hours of Insanity: Anthology of the Games: Volume 10

Published by The Writer's Workout

Calvin is the klutziest boy you'll ever meet. Laura is a one of the shyest, with a stutter to match her nervousness. When chaos ensues on Blue Adventure Isle they end up with peanut butter and jam oozing out of their hands. And somehow that makes them the best hope to stopping the rampaging rides come to life.

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