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2022 Writing Challenge

Starting January 1st, 2022!!

First I have some rules for the challenge.

  1. Post each completed flash fiction work on the blog before 12 AM US central standard time.

  2. For my purposes, the word count of these flash fiction pieces is going to be 100-500 words.

  3. Each piece will be set within the realm of my short story “Feeding the Universe”.

  4. Each piece should use the ugly word of the day, but not just spelling out the definition through dialogue. I want readers to figure out the unfamiliar words through context. (Also I feel that would be cheating with the word count a little.)

  5. They may not be perfect pieces ready for publication, but they should be complete stories edited to the best of my ability in whatever time constraints each day throws at me.

  6. Once I post a scene I cannot rewrite the same scene from a different point of view (POV).

  7. I don't have to use the same POV, or even the same characters in every piece.

  8. It's okay if they are not written in chronological order.

If you want to read the original short story click on the box below.


What's on My Shelf

Coming Soon!

I've been a voracious reader since I cracked reading in kindergarten. I also own a ton of books, some of which have made it through several purges. I want to explore how the books I own still have a place on my shelf, despite opportunities to open up space for new books by giving away the old.

I'll do this by looking at the stories of how I got them (those I remember), and how much I enjoyed them.

And since they have stuck around, I'm going to go ahead and review the books, in a basic sense, and then more in depth examinations to see what I can learn from them as an aspiring novelist.

Stay tuned!

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