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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 304

John knew Skylar was looking at an anatomy book they found at a thrift store. What he didn't realize was Skylar planned on doing much more than just looking at the book.

John walked into his room to find Skylar standing next to his bed, muscles rippling under their now translucent skin. Whatever thought in John's head was gone. Skylar was a walking anatomy model.

"Why?" John managed to squeak out, but wished he hadn't because the sight of Skylar's skinless face was the worst part. The brown eyeballs seemed huge without seeing the eyelids, the face weird without the cartilage of the nose, and hearing Skylar speak without lips, but seeing the open maw, was off putting to say the least.

"I want to understand how the human body works."

"That's what the book is for!" John pointed to the book wide open on the foot of his bed. "Why do you gotta..." He waved his hand towards them as the words failed to come forth.

"Drawings and words alone do not show quite how your muscles work. And the importance of the blood rushing through them." Skylar turned towards John, flexing their biceps, the muscles bumping up. Their pectorals puffed out a little as well, as Skylar twisted their torso to see their back muscles in the mirror.

"Cool." John managed to get out. He sucked in a breath and turned away. "Clothes!" He blurted.

"Really?" Skylar sighed. "How am I supposed to study my muscles, and the coelm with a shirt covering it?"

"Then go study your anatomy in the bathroom!"

"What about your anatomy? Female and male-"

"Absolutely not." John shook his head, but didn't look back. "Use the book."


"Or the internet, plenty of pics there." John mumbled.

"That is a great idea John, and your laptop is-"

"Not on my laptop! Use your eyeball internet!"

"Eyelid actually." Skylar corrected. "Fine. Though why humanity is so weird with nakedness is beyond me."

"Maybe you can find that answer on the internet too." John managed to say just before Skylar shut the door to the bathroom.

Word count: 351

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