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Week 50 Recap and Week 51 Preview


I wrote 2,765 words this week! It was a good week overall I think.

Pamper and Weimaraner were the most fun to write. It has been a while since I wrote with Bozo as a main character. Slaw was difficult, most of the prompts I use for the times after Leama and Skylar return from Earth are. It’s a weird time in the overarching plot that I’m not sure would even be useful for the novel, because the plot might end when Leama and Skylar leave.

Vile… I could have done a lot more with. And squelch. Those days were particularly busy and focus was difficult. Vile was something I could have leaned into more, but I just threw the word into the end of the scene. Similar to squelch, if I had more time, or focused better, I could have incorporated the word better, or have Skylar be in the course itself. Though I am a bit proud I built up the setting a little bit more than usual in these stories, of course that really did cut my word count down for plot happenings.

It was a nice week, and I’m looking forward to next week.



This weekend will end on a holiday! So I really hope it goes relatively easily since I’ll be busy. Let’s see what I’ll have to work with.

December 19th: zygote

December 20th: roach

December 21st: coelom

December 22nd: mollusk

December 23rd: puce

December 24th/25th: slubberdegullion

Ha. The two words my spellcheck says is wrong are also the words I hadn’t heard before. So those will be interesting. Hopefully these words, strange as some of them are, will work well. I guess I’ll have to see how I incorporate these words.

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