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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 301

Raymundo and DJ were taking a closer look at the furniture stashed away in Star Surfer, starting with everything labeled as ‘office’. The room was filled with desks, chairs , computers, and phones from different eras, candelabras to battery opperated lamps, and plain boxes with no labels at all. DJ was weaving his way through the large furniture while Raymundo had started looking in boxes.

Raymundo had a box in his lap, thirty-two ink jars, in black and blue, and various feather and fountain pens standing up between the jars. He tilted one of the ink jars slightly to see the black liquid still moving.

“Have you even seen this?” DJ asked. Ray looked up, and DJ was gesturing with both arms to an odd looking piece of equipment. “Do you even know what this is?”

Ray squinted up at the ceiling, counting the grid squares, and then spoke. “Hey Star Surfer, what piece of furniture is on top of the mahogany desk coordinates seven, three in the office?”

“That would be the xerox machine.” The computer said.

“That’s a xerox?” Raymundo set his box aside and joined DJ at the desk. The machine wasn’t very large, not like the giant copier he knew of at the garage that could stand on its own and come up to his waist. This old machine had one drawer for holding paper, with little tabs to keep the paper in place, a button for loading, a button for printing, a dial for choosing the number of copies, and the lid for the scanning was flexible instead of hard plastic.

“Yeah, one of the first.” DJ whistled. “If it works, I wonder how much you can make from it.” He looked around. “From all this stuff.” DJ rubbed his chin. “Having a place that can store a near infinite amount of things is a hoarder's dream.”

“That’s what my ancestors were, hoarders.” Raymundo sighed. “How would I even explain finding any of this?”

“Their treasure could be your riches.” DJ clapped his hands. “We should do eBay, or an auction house or something.”

“Did you not hear the biggest problem with that?”

“You inherited an old barn from your hoarding ancestors that’s explanation enough isn’t it?”

“Maybe, but why would I want to draw attention to the fact the land I inherited has an old barn full of old antiques? That is just asking for trouble.”

“You always look at the unlikely bad outcomes.” DJ muttered. “Still though, if you’re ever in a pinch you could sell an item or two for some cash.”

“I suppose.” Raymundo shrugged his shoulders. “I guess as we look, I can get a good sense of what I might be able to sell without a fuss.” DJ gave Ray a thumbs up and went back to looking around.

Word count: 470

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