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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 305

Blue water as far as Skylar's eyes could see. Well, almost. On the other side of the huge aquarium Skylar could make out the silhouettes of other people gazing into the tank, giggles and chatter surrounding them. Rocks and corals in red, blue, and purple creating an interesting scenery.

Skylar had to resist pressing their face to the glass. John stood next to them, eyeing a school of fish swimming pass them in interest if not in the open mouthed obvious awe Skylar was displaying. Behind the fish, a squid poked out between some rocks and he nudged Skylar.

“Look at the squid.”

Skylar did, leaning a little against John’s shoulder. “Aw, I like the way they swim.” John chuckled.

“Do you swim like that?” He spoke quietly, and Skylar grinned. They still took a moment to mull over their words, and glance around to make sure none of the gathered families, kid groups, or couples were paying attention to them.

“Yeah, if I was shaped like that.” Skylar rolled their eyes. John chuckled.

“Which one,” John gave a nod towards the tank, “are you most like?”

“That’s a good question.” Skylar drummed their fingers on their thighs and then grabbed John’s arm. Dragging him the length of the aquarium, Skylar prattled on all sorts of traits of the Earth marine creatures they loved.

From gills, tentacles (obviously), bouncy movements, the shiny and colorful scales, and camouflage. Infectious excitement and wonder oozed through every word.

“The fact that some types of octopus can change their skin color, even texture sometimes, is, like, amazing. They’re the closest thing to well…” Skylar paused before smirking at John. “An octopus is practically a shape shifter.”

John couldn’t suppress his snort as they finally came to a stop in front of one of the informational boards. Large print described just a few members of the mollusk phylum. “You asked for one… and I know you meant animal, but honestly, I think I’d be classified as a mollusk.”

“You know,” John fiddled with one of the plastic rocks covering one of the traits mollusks have in common. “I don’t think you lack a spine.”

“What do you mean?” Skylar poked John’s temple. “You saw-”

“Metaphorical spine.” John bat Skylar’s hand away. Skylar huffed, but closed their eyes for a moment.

“Oh.” Skylar chuckled. “Thanks then.” Skylar looked over their shoulder again. “I just hope it works.”

“You’re doing your best. At least it’s something.”

“Yeah.” Skylar sighed.

The sound of bubbles came over the speakers. “The four pm dolphin show is starting in five minuets, please head to the viewing area.”

This time it was his wrist that got grabbed as Skylar walked as fast as they could without running to the dolphin exhibit.

Word count: 459

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