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Week 52 Recap


I wrote 2,587 words this week! What a way to wrap up this challenge. I enjoyed this week, just as much for some of the words as I did for the anticipation for a year’s long journey to come to an end.

VIP was so difficult. Giving it to Skylar in the aftermath of the returning to Qwortar wasn’t the issue, at least, I believe so. I think I was just having trouble to fully show Skylar’s hesitance to getting the title and the privileges when they would much rather return to their life as it was before.

I liked welt, it gave me another moment with Raymundo, exploring yet another way for him to manage his fears of being fond out. It also allowed for me to develop a little more, just where his barn and ship are hidden.

Writing the story for bougie was difficult, and I don’t think it was my best work in this experiment. But what it did give me was some more time to flesh out how their little translation/PDA device works. Setting some limitations for this was certainly needed.

Ha, coitus. I did enjoy fleshing out Charwin’s past a little more. Their transition to fully immersing themselves in human culture, planning a life while they waited for human technology to catch up. It was a short and sweet fluff piece, which most of the planned plot wouldn’t allow much time for.

Good old spittoon. I’m glad I had established the bit about the teens setting up a haunted house to raise money. I guess I could have had a scene with Charwin or another one of Raymundo’s ancestors, but I didn’t really feel an old west vibe when sitting down to write. I mean, spittoons weren’t just an old west thing, but still. I know that really it doesn’t really add anything to the plot, but I suppose the story did add a little bit to Emily’s family background, which isn’t integral to the plot, but I enjoy knowing it as the author.

Finally wharf. This was the most difficult to write. I tried a few different plots and settings, before deciding to use a science fiction wharf rather than a wooden one on Earth. I wanted to play around with Skylar’s ‘grounding’, and explored what exactly that meant for this prompt. It wasn’t done the best way, but considering it was New Year’s Eve and I wrote it before my plans really got started, it could have been worse. And, maybe after coitus I wanted to at least sneak in another possible romance subplot with the cargo ship captain and Benti. Not that I think it would play a part if I expanded this, but it was fun to explore.

Whew! Challenge complete!

I plan on doing a longer, overall recap about the challenge as a whole. I’ll have that ready on the weekend. And then I can work on kicking off the other idea I have for this website. Stay tuned!

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