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Week 51 Recap and Week 52 Preview


I wrote 2,796 words this week. What a busy, busy week. The prompts this week were also pretty fun to work with, which helped bring my attention and focus back when it had been running a million miles an hour thinking about other things.

My biology degree came in handy for zygote. I almost did a drawing myself of meiosis, but I ran out of time due to, well, all the last minute holiday prep. I could have brought Skylar presence in class more to life, but again, didn’t have a lot of time, and ti wasn’t too terrible.

Roach was actually really fun to write. I enjoyed the idea of Skylar making friends with animals, and this prompt gave me an animal to use. And then it came in handy for slubberdegullion, because while I had looked at the prompt for Christmas Eve and Christmas, I was having trouble thinking of what to write, at least, until I had the perfect animal who would love to be near a slubberdegullion.

Poor John, always dealing with Skylar being human, but not looking human. It was fun to have Skylar checking out their insides so I could use coelom. I think it plays off a cultural difference between the Qwortarians and humans as well, a difference I have played with a little, but haven’t done much with overall.

Mollusk was fun to use. I wish I had thought of putting Skylar at other fun places like aquariums, museums, and theme parks. It could have been so fun to use some of the prompts there.

And puce. Such a weird word. And I thought I was going to do more with it, but I ended up running out of time with the last bit of Christmas prep.

This was the penultimate recap, and what an interesting year it has been.



It’s the final countdown!!

Whether or not the song is stuck in your head, this is my final week of my Ugly Words Challenge. Six more ugly words, six more flash fiction stories. It’s exciting, it’s weird, so I hope we have some fun words to work with so we can end this with a bang!

December 26th: VIP

December 27th: welt

December 28th: bougie

December 29th: coitus

December 30th: spittoon

December 31st/January 1st: wharf

Ha. At least I know what all the words this week mean. Well, okay, I didn’t know all the definitions for bougie, but I know the slang one off the top of my head. I think most of these words will be fun to work with. I just hope the after Christmas brain fog allows for some fun short fiction pieces to be written during this final week.

And that is the final preview. Wow.

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

Merry Christmas!!

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