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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 311

Henry grunted holding his new bride in his arms. Emma giggled, arms around Henry’s neck, fingers gently swishing the little hairs there back and forth. Henry focused on the beautiful red flush across Emma’s cheeks, the curves of her upturned lips, and the sparkle in her eyes.

The hand Henry had on her back pulled away a little, in order to try the knob to their bedroom. “Do you need to put me down a moment?” Emma asked, already stretching her feet towards the ground. Henry tightened their grip on Emma’s thigh.

“No darling.” Henry smiled. “I think I have it.” Her big brown eyes stared into Henry’s own while they grew their fingers a couple extra inches in order to turn the knob. She kissed their temple when the door creaked open, and Henry kissed her back while they returned their fingers to their original size.

She giggled when she was tossed onto the bed. The quilt was pulled taunt across the bed, the off white background and pale pink flowers a contrast to the bleached white against Emma’s skin. For a moment, she lay there looking at her new husband, and when Henry just started back, she bit her lip. “Well?” Her arched eyebrows lowered, and those slips started to turn down.

“Just admiring your beauty.” Henry stepped forward, leaning over Emma to kiss her lips again. Her lipstick was quickly smeared across Henry’s lips.

They both knew what was expected of them. Newlyweds on their wedding night. It wasn’t the first time Henry was frustrated at the culture they found themselves immersed in now. Henry knew, sort of, what they were supposed to do now.

The act of coitus in order to procreate.

But Henry’s only experience with this, was listening to the bragging, usually by drunken men, of their experiences.

“I’m ready.” Emma pulled her head back just enough to whisper those words.

“I really don’t know what I’m doing.” Henry admitted in a whisper of their own. It was too bad human females were expected not to have any any experience, and for the males to just know exactly what to do, whether or not they had done it before.

The smile that had entranced Henry the first time they saw her, grew across Emma’s face.

“Then we’ll figure it out together.” She thread her fingers around the back of Henry’s neck, pulling their heads together again.

And indeed, they did just that.

Word count: 408

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