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Allison Wrote

A reader. A lover of writing challenges. Now a blogger.

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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 245

Charwin finds an easy way to get good money and learn about the human body. Even if the criminal nature goes against protocol.

Ugly Words Challenge- Day 243

Politics make everything more difficult. Trying to get seven people to share, much less make one decision takes a long time.

Ugly Words Challenge- 241

Raymundo needs a little help before he can really get started fixing Star Surfer.

Ugly Words Challenge- Day 239

Three (not so) ordinary squirrels get their sleep disturbed, first by some humans and then by a bug.

Ugly Words Challenge- Day 235

Skylar is open to trying Earth food. But one thing makes their stomach twist and puts a damper on their appetite.

Ugly Words Challenge- Day 233

Salt is not a pleasant flavor in a drink. Skylar tries some things to mellow out the taste... at the sacrifice of sleep.

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