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Ugly Words Challenge- 236

Skylar's eyes roamed the menu, still having to go to the bottom of the page when they came across one of the notes or symbols. The red heart, little green leaf, and the yellow circle with GF in the center. Things which were supposed to help with the decision of what to eat, bit all it did was confuse Skylar.

"If it's so important to..." Skylar looked over the symbols' meaning once again, "to eat heart healthy, with less than 1,000 calories, and without gluten, why isn't everything on the menu those things?" They looked up at John sitting across from them. Emily had yet to arrive for brunch.

"It's not... Well." John tore his gaze away from the TV showing a baseball game. "Gluten is fine for most people, some are allergic, and some people believe a diet without it is better for them. Heart healthy is a good idea, but at our age it isn't as necessary. And the calorie thing is mostly a worry about how much you eat in a day, and everyone needs a different amount. Hannah eats way more than me, but she runs a lot and I don't."

"It seems complicated."

John chuckled. "Yeah. That's why health and nutrition is such a huge industry, and so many new diets pop up in a person's lifetime."

"But there isn't a best one discovered yet?"

"People want you to believe it, but I don't think anyone has discovered the so called perfect human diet." John shrugged his shoulders. "Honestly, as long as you eat a variety of foods and everything in moderation, you should be fine."

Skylar turned their gaze back to the menu. “With that I’m going to order the chocolate chip waffles.”

“That’s usually Emily’s order.” John groaned when his team’s batter struck out. “Which makes sense considering…” As he trailed off, John’s phone rang. John flashed his screen at Skylar, showing Emily’s picture on his phone just before he answered.

“Hey Emily.” John stuck his free hand over his other ear. “Wha- oh. Yeah. Okay. We’ll see you at the track match later then.” John hung up and sighed. “Emily can’t make it, turns out her grandparents surprised them.” John amended as he slipped his phone in his pocket. Then he sighed again.

“We are going to see her later, why are you moping?”

“I’m not.” John crossed his arms and focused on the baseball game. “You are crazy.”

“But the good kind.” Skylar clicked their tongue and snapped their fingers. John laughed a little, rolling his eyes.

Skylar rested their chin in their hands, pondering just how much John was focused on the baseball game and how much was looking forward to seeing Emily at the track meet to watch Hannah compete.

Word count: 461

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