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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 235

Dinner at Hannah's was loud. Everyone was talking, laughing, slapping their thighs, and cheering as dinner arrived. Granted, Emily said it was probably going to be, since that what happens at sleepovers. The girls were already getting caffeinated, and the pop they were drinking also had plenty of sugar.

The pizza boxes were laid out across the dining room table, the girls quickly crowded the table. Skylar hovered near the edge of the room, taking a small step forward as Amber turned away from the food. Catching a glimpse of the thin square pieces on Amber’s plate, Skylar froze with one foot still in the air.

Hannah was picking up pizza for Emily. As the slices she lifted off the box bent from their own weight, thick cheese and red sauce dripping down, other ingredients falling down. When the browned vegetable with the rounded side fell out with a puddle of sauce Skylar cringed.

Mushrooms. The sight, the thought of them even Skylar didn’t like. They turned their head slightly away as Hannah pointed out the pizzas.

“We’ve got veggie, meat lovers, cheese, and the small one is the Hawaiian, since Kelsey really likes it.”

“Thanks Hannah.” Kelsey leaned over the pizza, scooping up half onto their flimsy paper plate.

“Do they all have mushrooms?”

“Just the veggie one.” Hannah replied while carrying Emily’s plate over to her sitting at with a food tray.

“Thanks Hannah.” Skylar took a slice of cheese and meat lover’s. Their stomach stopped twisting, and they were able to enjoy the melty cheese and crispy crust. They felt their eyes go wide as they watched some of the girls eating the veggie pizza.

“Aren’t you afraid of eating a fungus?” The question popped out before Skylar could consider if it was a weird question.

“Not from a food place. Or the grocery store.” Hannah answered first. “They can only sell edible ones. Are you a worry wort about it?”

“Oh.” Skylar slanted their lips, as Emily tapped the cane three times. “Sorry, It’s just, back home so few species aren’t deadly we just avoid them entirely.”

Hannah nodded and joined a conversation about the cheerleading squad’s pyramid collapsing during practice. One of the many conversations happening in the living room as fingers and lips got coated with geese.

Skylar looked at Emily, and leaned their head on their shoulder. Using their pointer finger, they traced the letters, thanking Emily for making sure they got invited. It’s been a lot of fun. Emily smiled back as the conversations started to die down, converging on one topic: the next activity, a movie.

Word count: 435

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