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Week 39 Recap and Week 40 Preview


This week I wrote 2,774 words! It was a fun week. I mean, muktuk was probably the hardest to put in, (yet ended up most plot relevant) so everything after that wasn’t bad!

I had fun with bodacious, and if it wasn’t for the really short word count, and my time being so limited, I might have written the whole competition instead of just the last round. Fungus… I was procrastinating so I feel like I could have developed that story a bit more. Artery was a little odd, I could have reworked its placement better I think. Dollop was an excuse to focus on taste a little. Chork was just fun, and it probably fueled my craving for Chinese food this week.

I enjoyed this week, and can’t wait to see what next week has in store.



And what does next week have in store for me?

October 3rd: gluten

October 4th: icicle

October 5th: lozenge

October 6th: mealworm

October 7th: putz

October 8th/9th: corroded

I’ve definitely heard of all these words before, though the definition for putz didn’t immediately come to mind. This is going to be a nice week; I don’t have to worry about forgetting a definition and floundering when I first attempt to get a few words in on the way to work.

All in all, I think this week will be pretty easy, and hopefully not very stressful either.

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