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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 238

"Fine." The man with the extremely nasally voice said. "I'll get her some water." As a pen clicked there was another sigh. “And a lozenge." Mr. Nasal as Emily thought of him added.

Not another word was said as a chair scraped across the floor, shoes scuffed and the one door squeaked open and shut.

"All right kid," this man had been more or less silent, until now. His voice was a nice break from Mr. Nasal. "While we wait, I'm going to ask you some questions, just nod or shake. Understand?"

Emily had to suck in her lips to keep from grinning as she shook her head.

"Are you being sarcastic?" Emily's shoulders started to shake as she shook again. The door squeaked open.

"Here!" Emily winced at Mr. Nasal's announcement. There was a thud on the lower part of the door just before it squeaked shut. There was a crackle of cheap plastic and a small ting from the metal table.

Emily's hands shot towards the sounds, knocking the water bottle over but still grabbing the bottom edge. The small package she sent skittering across the table.

"Here." Mr. Nasal pressed the wrapped lozenge into her fingers. Emily brought both things closer to herself. She ran her fingers over the wrapper, listening to it crinkle. Breaking the seal on the water bottle never felt so satisfying before.

Her gulps were loud, quenching. Then she opened the lozenge, popping it into her mouth. A mixture of cherry and honey spread across her tongue.

“All right.” Mr. Nasal’s voice cracked. “We asked you many questions, but you have a way with words to leave us with left us with less information-”

Emily flipped the shrinking cough drop over her teeth to hold with her cheek. “That’s impressive actually.”

“Don’t interrupt.” The guy sighed and the table creaked, shifting slightly. “Where did you last see Skylar?”

“I told you, I’ve never seen Skylar.” Emily didn’t bother to hide her smirk.

“You think you are so witty, don’t you?” Mr. Nasel’s voice actually dropped down a couple pitches in this growl.

Emily put her hand on top of the water bottle, resting her chin on top. “Clearly I’m no use to you here.” For a moment the only sound was the crunch of the plastic under the weight of her head.

“We know you were friends with this alien abomination.”

“Then you can imagine why, I wouldn’t say anything to you.”

The table shook and Emily pushed her chair back.

“Now now,” the deeper voice said. “If she’s not going to say anything, then it is time to let her go.”

“Finally.” Emily groaned.

Neither of the men responded to that, so Emily got to listen to pens being clicked, papers shuffling, and chairs scraping before Mr. Nasal grabbed her elbow and pulled her out of the room. Not nicely leading her like John or her family would, but Emily didn’t comment because she didn’t want to delay leaving this place.

Word count: 499

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