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Week 40 Recap and Week 41 Preview


I wrote 2,582 words this week!

It was… a journey. This week jumped around the timeline and off a few different possible plot points. From early days of Skylar on Earth, to late days and Skylar’s rescue, to back on Qwortar, and an early Raymundo deciding to fix up Star Surfer.

I think mealworm was the most fun to write, and I wish I was able to do more with icicle, the whole idea of a simulation of emergency crashes as part of flight school is something I could do so much more with. Though how much plot relevance the practice has is debatable. Though I think I could tie it in to a bit I talked about with Charwin, how he knows nothing about how to fix their ship and this time they are training their future explorers on how to do upkeep and survive if their ship is down. A lesson learned perhaps.

I keep opening up new subplots as I go through this challenge and while it is fun, I also wonder how much of it would or should stay to keep a well paced, streamlined novel. With 100+ days still to go, I wonder how many more subplots I’ll start. They are fun so far, and next week’s words may take my muse on an entirely different path.



Let’s take a peek at the words for this next week.

October 10th: bucolic

October 11th: salubrious

October 12th: ooze

October 13th: sinew

October 14th: pore

October 15th/16th: unctuous

This is the first time in a while that my spell check doesn’t want to change any of the words. (Maybe it is the first time ever, but I don’t really want to go back and check.) At the same time there are three words I am not familiar with: bucolic, salubrious, and unctuous.

When I started this challenge I was not fully expecting to increase my vocabulary so much. Well, depending on how many of these new words I’ll remember when the challenge is over. It is an educational perk for this exercise. I’m looking forward to this week’s unfamiliar words.

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