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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 233

The juice bar was closed, but the light behind the counter was still on, spilling into the street from the window. Between the counter and the window a hologram screen hovered.

From Skylar's perspective, the screen had a recipe on it, also full of notes about changes, ones Skylar and Benti already agreed on, and possible new ones. Things which might combat the extreme saltines of the kwineberry skin, making it more appetizing while keeping the benefit of the briny skin.

In front of them was a blender, and spread across the counter were little bowls of possible additions, sweet cream, mint, citrus acid, cinnamon, and chocolate were closest to Skylar as they thought these were the most promising.

After adding a dollop of the cream, they pushed the button and the blender roared to life. The yellow tinted cream lightened up the deep green juice to more of a jade shade.

Skylar took a sip. The salt was still there with a lingering effect on the tongue. The little bit of cream while adding a softer texture and milky, slightly sweet flavor wasn't enough to cancel out the salt.

A little bit of milky sweetness, a kick of a bright cool sensation, a touch of sour pucker, a warm spice, nor the bitter cocoa flavors could manage it. So Skylar did a crazy thing: using a little bit of each of them.

It took a few batches for Skylar to perfect the ratio of ingredients, but when they did they finished the glass in three long sips, letting the tastes party on their tongue.

“Hey Benti, I figured it out!” Skylar waved the glass. “You have to try it!”

Before Benti could even agree Skylar was making them a drink. “Did you get any sleep?”

“I guess not!” Skylar yelled over the blender. Benti sighed.

“Make sure you update the recipe and then you should take a nap in the office before we officially open!”


“Nope!” The blender turned off and Skylar and Benti stared at each other before Skylar slumped their shoulders.

“Fine. But try first.” The liquid made a sloshing sound as Skylar poured Benti’s serving into a glass.

Benti tilted the glass, their first sip turning into a huge gulp. “It’s great Skylar. Really.” Benti watched as Skylar wrote down the measurements to the new drink. “Now, nap.” Benti pointed towards the back and Skylar shuffled off.

Benti took a look at the counter, dirty dishes carefully stacked so there was very little open space left. “Guess I’ve got dishes on top of opening.” They mumbled to themselves.

Word count: 433

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