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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 230

Raymundo pulled up Star Surfer's diagnostics reports. His med bay was fully functional and stocked with his blood in case of an emergency. Avoiding possible DNA screenings was the best plan.

"Feeling better?"

Raymundo whirled to find DJ holding his shoes, explaining the lack of echoing footsteps.

"What are you doing here?"

"I think I have a solution to you DNA problem."

"Oh really?" Raymundo cocked an eyebrow. "And what crazy idea do you have?"

"You just have to become a chimera!" He glanced at the 3D printer screen and did a double take. "Uh, were you going to print muktuk?"

"No." Raymundo sighed. "I was just looking at all the options I had available."

"Okay." DJ tossed his shoes towards the exam table. "Because if you were going to start a whale blubber business-"

Raymundo pinched the bridge of his nose. "What’s your plan?"

"Right." He cleared his throat. "You'd just have to, either do your alien thing, or with some fancy human science, make your blood, hair, nails, skin, spit, and semen contain fully human DNA."

There was a long moment Raymundo looked down at his feet, biting his lower lip. DJ shifted his weight back and forth.

"Why just those things?" Raymundo finally asked.

"Because DNA analysis isn't really done on other tissues that much.”

"But how exactly am I going to make certain tissues..." Ray circled his wrist and glanced at the medical scanner. "Show only human DNA?"

"Blood will be easy." DJ grinned. "Bone marrow transplant."


"That's a scientifically proven way for a person to have their blood DNA different than other readings."

"DJ." Raymundo pit his hands on his friend's shoulders. "That requires major surgery, and I'm supposed to stay away from hospitals."

“Your ship could do the surgery.”

“And I’d what? Pay off some donor?”

“I’d donate!”

“Do our blood types even match?”

“I don’t know, that’s not on your medical records.”

“You looked at my medical records?”

“Yeah. To help me come up with a plan.”

“Okay, wouldn't my actual bone marrow have to stop producing blood cells for this to work?”

“Er… good question.” DJ held up his hands. “But you said you can manipulate aspects of your body with your phenogland, can’t you make the marrow, skin cells, hair follicles and those nail bed cells only express human DNA?”

Raymundo rubbed his forehead. “I can ask. I’m not the only mixed Qwortarian in the Universe.”

“You know others! Is that what you were doing on your not-a-vacation vacation?”

“Still not telling.” DJ frowned. “But, I’ll research this. Thanks DJ. I appreciate you coming up with a plan.”

“Let’s get dinner.”


“All right, dinner!” DJ threw up his hands again.

Word count: 451

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