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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 231

Standing in the middle of Star Surfer's med bay, Raymundo, straightened his posture, held his arms out, and tilted his head back slightly. "Activate health scan." He closed his eyes before the lasers activated, listening to the humming of the computer.

Raymundo had always considered himself healthy, not a fanatic about it or anything, but he made sure even junk food was in moderation, his job was physical, but he also went on hikes or bike rides.

But when any health problem could be the catalyst of his exposure Raymundo had to make sure he was healthy as can be.

"Health scan complete."

Raymundo stepped over to the computer and started skimming through the results. Most things were within normal range. From weight, bone density, body fat percentage, and more, Raymundo didn't seem to be in any high risk categories.

But Raymundo's heart started to beat a little faster when he scrolled down the report. High plaque potential.

His fingers drummed the side of the med bay monitor, possible beneficial actions listed. A blood test to better determine if it was plaque, or if there were other factors involved. Changes to his diet and exercise could also help, or he might just be doomed thanks to his mother's DNA.

Raymundo settled into the chair and held out his arm for the blood test. Watching the mechanical arm get into position, needle shinning in the light before it was jabbed into the crook of his elbow. Still precise, but no warning, no bedside manner, just Raymundo guessing when the needle would plunge into a blood vessel.

It wasn’t long before the machine had collected the blood and with another limb of the machine a cotton ball and gauze was wrapped around it. Raymundo’s thoughts drifted back to his larger problem.

His human DNA could doom him unless... DJ's plan had been sitting in the back of his mind for a couple days. If it were possible for Raymundo to influence the DNA of certain tissues of his body so it appeared there was no alien DNA (which he still had to figure that out), then it /could/ be possible to manipulate the human DNA he did have as to express no risk factors for things like cancer, heart disease, even dementia or Alzheimer's.

Except for the fact he wasn't sure how to be... So precise. And the fact Raymundo didn't know much beyond the most basic of genetics.

"Why didn't I question Lucky and Skylar more when I had the chance." He grumbled. He knew it was a long shot, but he typed up a question and put it in the cue to send it in the short moments the barn door was open.

The other thing he did, was get comfy in the captain’s chair and prepare himself for another slog through his ancestors’ logs, hoping for answers.

Word count: 478

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