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Ugly Words Challenge: Day 62

The metal folding chair was uncomfortable. Mostly due to the chill seeping through the thin gown Skylar was stuck wearing at this facility. They had been left in a room with a small table and two chairs on either side.

A pudgy man with a long mustache eventually came in. The mustache quivered whenever he moved his lips.

"Why are you here?" His eyes bored into Skylar.

"Trying to get seeds or plants to end the famine on my planet."

"Did you taint the water or food supplies?"

"NO! I never intentionally harmed your planet or population.”

"What about the giant trench with downed trees?"

"I'm bad at landing." Skykar shrugged. "I did my best to avoid a densely populated area." The man paused for a long time, eyes never leaving Skylar.

"Did you come alone?"


"How do you appear human?"

"I'm a shape shifter."

"Why do you look so much like Emily?"

"Because I used her DNA as a basis for shifting."


"No." Skylar crossed their arms.

"If you want to-"

"I am cooperating." Skylar hissed. "But shifting out of this form, after so long won't be easy."

"Show me your true form." The man leaned forward, large hands grasping the edge of the table near Skylar. "Now!"

"It isn't anything exciting. John said I reminded him of gelatin, with fruit in it."

"Well how are we supposed to believe you if you don't show us?"

They looked away, eyeing the locked door, for a moment before speaking. "Have you ever seen muscles move?" Skylar slowly pushed up their sleeves, holding their arms out in front of the man.

Starting from their fingers the color drained from their skin turning translucent. The red muscle was under the reflective surface. Skylar looked at the man. “See? I can shift my appearance at will.”

“Stay here.” The man left Skylar alone once again.

Word count: 314 (Yes, totally done on purpose!)

Happy Pi Day!

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