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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 61

“Bye Ray-Ray. I’ll be back soon.” The bedroom door creaked open. “Ah, Lucky!” Raymundo blinked, seeing the white face and big blue eyes staring right at him.

“It’s fine.” His fingers ran along the back of Lucky’s head. “Lucky can keep me company while you’re gone.”

“All right. See you later.” The door shut again.

Raymundo yawned and buried his head in the pillow. Lucky meowed, rubbing her body back and forth along the side of his head. Staying up with Chris while he had fever had taken so much out of him, Raymundo fell back asleep quickly.

Raymundo woke again, this time shivering. Face still buried in the pillow, his hand started to grope around for the missing blanket. He found the blanket, with a person underneath it.

This time he opened his eyes and looked over. “Becky?” He tilted his head. There was his girlfriend, kneeling on the bed next to him, the blanket tied around her like a towel, her arms bare.

“Show me your true form and I’ll show you mine.” It sounded exactly like Becky, though the words didn’t make any sense coming from her.

“What do you mean?”

The Becky impersonator leaned forward, running her thin fingers down Raymundo’s cheek. “You did say I could keep you company.”

“Lucky?” Raymundo pushed her hand away. “I don’t understand. How-”

“You know how.” She grabbed his shoulders. “You little half-breed.”

“I don’t know what-” Her hands moved to his throat and he tried to push her away.

“Stop denying what you are or I’ll kill you.” She hissed. “Now, tell me where Skylar is!”

“I don’t know any Skylar!” Her hands adjusted, fingers pressing against his carotid artery. She frowned at him.

“Then tell me how you were able to make your ship’s distress signal disappear?”

“It’s kept in a building that blocks the signal.”

“Is that where Skylar is?”

“No!” She pushed him away and got off the bed, tugging the blanket off as she reached for Becky’s dresser. “So… there’s another Qwortarian on Earth?” Raymundo fully faced the Becky look alike as she finished tugging on jeans to go with the sweatshirt.

“You’re only half. But yes.” She turned and glared at Raymundo. “I received their distress signal a couple days ago. But as I got closer to the planet, there was two signals. It seems I followed yours, since it was stronger, and shorter, so I thought…” She cleared her throat and reached for the door. “It doesn’t matter what I thought. I need to get back to my ship and follow the other signal.”

Lucky was gone before Raymundo could get out of bed. His plans for the day were shattered. He sent a text to Becky saying something came up and he would meet her and her mother later.

Skylar, whoever they were, needed to be found and sent home safely. Raymundo headed to his ship to see if he could pick up their distress signal.

Word count: 495

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