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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 60

DJ was walking his dog around the block where the vet office was located when Bozo started going absolutely crazy. His fur started standing on end as he barked continuously. A few people gave the pair stink eyes as DJ tried to get his dog to be quiet.

It wasn’t long before Bozo jolted, ripping the leash right from DJ's hand. It was unusual for him. "Bozo!" DJ ran after his idiotic dog. He was led to an alley, the dumpster for the vets office and others lining it.

Bozo was standing in front of a dumpster, crouched slightly, still barking his head off.

Before tugging on the leash, DJ caught his breath. Bozo didn't move even as DJ pulled the cloth taunt. "Bozo!" Ramrod straight, muzzle nearly against the ground, the dog inched towards the space underneath the dumpster. With the collar tugged tight around his neck, Bozo’s barking and breathing was hindered, but Bozo refused to be deterred.

Kneeling DJ looked under there to figure out what had Bozo so crazy. There was a curled up ball of white fur on top of some old newspaper. Despite the noise, the creature’s breaths were slow and steady, otherwise still.

"Really?" DJ muttered to Bozo. "All this for a kitten?"

Bozo didn't even acknowledge DJ was there. But the kitten did. Ears that looked too big for the small head twitched. It stretched, its pink tongue curling in a big yawn. Then the thing ran out and jumped right into DJ's lap. It meowed and blinked big blue eyes at him.

Bozo turned and started to growl instead. "Easy there big guy." DJ pat Bozo on the nose. "We'll just take this little guy to the vet."

Which he did. The kitten, a female actually, wasn't chipped and there was no fliers or news about a missing kitten in the area.

DJ would have kept the kitten, but Bozo wouldn't stop barking at it. So DJ brought the kitten, and supplies, over to Becky's. She opened the door to her apartment and leaned against the door frame.

"You brought me a kitten?" Becky blinked at DJ, before turning a softened gaze at the kitten wrapped in a blanket resting in the crook of DJ's elbow.

"You said you wanted one."

"But I don't have any sup-"

"I got a litter box, food, a scratching post, bed, carrier, litter, and some toys in the car." DJ handed Becky the now squirming kitten. "You can pay me back later."

"Okay." She lifted the kitten up to her face. "We're going to be good buddies now huh?" The kitten meowed. “Thank you DJ.”

"You're welcome. I'll start bringing stuff in." DJ helped Becky get all set up and then he said goodbye to Becky and the kitty, now named Lucky.

Word count: 467

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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