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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 57

Emily was never good at holding still, she always had to be moving something even when doing nothing. Right now she was tapping her cane against the concrete, to the beat of her favorite song. John usually opened his door way faster than this.

The news she had made the butterflies zoom around in her stomach. Emily grabbed her cellphone. “Text John. Come to the door!” Her phone said the message sent. Rocking on her heels she twisted her hands around the metal cane.

She pressed the doorbell again, counting the seconds. She beat her cane faster, matching the hot electronic dance music song that played on the radio multiple times a day. The wind whipped her skirt around her ankles and her hair across her face. Pressing her ear to the door, she listened for footsteps.

Slow heavy steps finally made their way closer and Emily tried to straighten her skirt and hair before the wind picked up again. Warmer air carrying the scent of John and his home made its way past her as the door was pushed open.

"Emily?" John yawned before he continued. "I told you I was up late watching the Linden twins."

Her fingertips tightened around the handle of her cane. "You really have got to stop letting them get away with staying out hours later than they tell you up front."

"But they always pay double," Emily heard John's jaw creak during an extra big yawn, "when they stay out later than they say."

"But you end up exhausted."


"So?" Emily rapped her cane on the steps. "So, how are you supposed to enjoy our camping trip when you're about to pass out standing up."

"I'll be..." John paused but didn't yawn this time. "Wait, they said yes?"


"Awesomesauce!" John's hands were warm on her shoulders. Emily grabbed John’s arms, recognizing the soft fleece of his pajamas.

“We’re gonna go camping!” She started jumping and chanting. “We’re gonna go camping!” Her hair was going wild again, strands brushing over her face, a few hairs catching on her sunglasses.

“And if it goes well…” John added.

“Road trip!” They screamed together. Birds responded, chirps and twitters raising in volume as John and Emily let their excitement out.

“Okay okay okay.” John pushed down a little on her shoulders, stopping her from jumping. “Now we have to execute the plan so our parents agree to the road trip.”

“It’ll be fine.” Emily laughed. “You’re an Eagle Scout, I’m a Girl Scout, we’ll be prepared for anything.”

“It can’t hurt to be prepared.” John tugged Emily inside. “We better book a campground now before other people fill it up.”

“As long as we celebrate with milkshakes.” Emily walked into the home almost as familiar as her own.

“Always.” John said.

Word count: 466

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