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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 55

Raymundo held the bar door open for May. She ran her fingers through her long black hair.

“You are going to do fine boss.” Ray said.

“My armpits are already moist.” She hissed.

“Still going to be fine.” Ray insisted as he put a hand on her shoulder to nudge May into the bar. She rolled her eyes and tugged him in after her. “We’ll sit at the bar.” Ray told May before she could say anything.

The man from the alley was behind the bar, blond hair shining in the light. He was already grinning with customers, showing off his dimples. May squeaked, but Raymundo didn’t allow her to back away.

“Hello.” Those eyes were the brightest blue Ray had ever seen. “What can I get you?” May was already blushing as she slid onto a stool.

“Two shots of vodka.” Raymundo answered. May nodded. The bartender made a show of flipping a vodka bottle before he filled up two shot glasses.

“Nice move.” May’s face was more than bright red, but somehow turned even brighter when he smiled back at her.

As the bartender got hailed to deal with other customers, Ray and May cheered, tapped, and then downed their shots. “See, you’re doing fine. Complimented him even.”

“Don’t push your luck. I may still dock your pay for dragging me out here.” Raymundo chuckled and hailed the bartender once more.

“We’ll also take a nachos.”

“You got it.”

“And what’s your name?” May asked.

“Cal.” He turned towards a door and yelled for an order of nachos. “And you two?”

“May, and this is my friend Raymundo.”

“Nice to meet you both.” Cal grabbed the two empty shot glasses. “What brings you here?”

“My treat,” Raymundo slid his card across the counter. “In order to apologize for keeping May late at work tonight. So, what else do you want May?”

“Long island ice tea.”

“And a whiskey on the rocks for me.”

“Ya got it.” Cal nodded to the two of them, though his gaze lingered on May a moment longer. Again, he made a bit of a show in pouring the drinks, winking at May when he was finished. She smiled back.

While Cal was busy with other customers, he did check in with May more often than most. When the receipt came back, it had Cal’s number on it, which Raymundo immediately passed over to May.

“See.” Raymundo walked May back to her car. “You did great, flirted the number right out of him. Even in jeans and a t-shirt.”

“I think it was partially you bragging about my shop over here that impressed him.”

“Well that and how bright red your face looked from the moment he looked your way.”

“Right.” May pushed Raymundo’s shoulder. “Go flirt with your girlfriend before I decide to dock your pay.”

“You and your empty threats.” Raymundo stepped away. “See you Monday boss!”

“See you Monday!” She waved.

Word count: 490

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