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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 54

“I mean, it’s motivation for me. Lucky Charms are way better than Trix.” B,” Ray said, “this is the saddest chess set I had ever seen.”

“I’m sorry.” Becky’s folding chair squeaked as she shifted. “But we can still play.”

“How exactly?”

“We can use other things for pieces.” Raymundo nodded though Becky was already gone. He sighed as he set out the pieces they did have. A couple of pawns of each color, one black knight, and the white queen. “See!” Becky shook the box of Lucky Charm’s cereal in Ray’s face. “The unicorns can be the knights, the hour glass can be-”

“There’s not enough marshmallows to have different ones for every piece.”

“What do you mean, we have nine different types of marshmallows since we have the unicorn.”

“And we’d need at least twelve.”

“Fine.” Becky walked back over to the pantry. “We have six unique shapes from Trix.”

“All right.” Raymundo held out his hand. Picking through the cereal boxes in order to get the required unique shapes for their chess games the two of them got into a friendly banter.

“With my knights being unicorns,” Becky added her second unicorn marshmallow to the chess board. “Does that mean they can also use magic?”

“Of course not.” Ray was using a spoon and a bowl to pick through the Trix, ashamed to get the food dirty. “That’s unfair.”

“Fine. So, if we are being realistic, then I could just eat your fruit.” The two finished making their kludge chess set.

“Becky. You can only eat the pieces you capture.”

“Thanks for the extra motivation to beat you.” She smirked.

“I mean, it’s motication for me. Lucky Charms are way better than Trix.”

Becky gasped. As Raymundo scooped an extra couple of ‘queens’ out of his bowl, he laughed.

The board looked colorful with the bits of food. Even with the set a bit kludge, Raymundo and Becky didn’t just play one successful game of chess, but several. Becky ate more often than Ray, but Ray won more games.

“Dang Ray-Ray.” Becky rested her cheek on her hand as she ate the last of the cereal bits. “Guess you win.”

“Hey, I think you did pretty good considering you admitted to never playing mor ethan three other times before.”

“Well, you’re lucky your ship’s computer can play chess.”

“You know, why didn’t we just go play on the ship?”

“Because,” she tapped her toes on Raymundo’s calf, “It still needed to air out from your misadventure with the smell defense system.

“Oh yeah.” Raymundo grabbed the Lucky Charms box and started munching.

Word count: 438

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