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Week 8 Recap and Week 9 Preview


I wrote 2,837 words this week. I really enjoyed this week. The words lead to some interesting shorts. In particular I liked what I came up with for dank.

Although, bunion was a bit difficult to piece together. The first idea I had for that one was way too long. That’s a lesson for flash fiction, you can’t write an epic adventure story in five hundred words. Or at least, I’m not skilled enough for that.

So far so good! Almost two months down. (Wow.) And let’s see what next week has in store for me.



And the prompts for this next week are:

February 28th: fecund

March 1st: putrid

March 2nd: impale

March 3rd: leech

March 4th: kludge

March 5th/6th: moist

And there’s some good words this week! Kludge is new to me, but oh boy it’ll be fairly easy to use I think. I know the word for the weekend is one that many people don’t like. Guess that’s why it made it onto the Ugly Words Calendar.

Can’t wait to have some fun with these words!

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