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Week 9 Recap and Week 10 Preview


This week I wrote 2,869 words. It certainly was an interesting week. Heavier stories this week, but still mostly fun to write.

Leech was a bit difficult, had less time than normal. And kludge suffered because I was nearly falling asleep while writing it. That shows me to stay up a little later than normal. Personally, I could have done more with moist I think, but was having difficulties with pacing, and choosing the starting point for that idea.

But otherwise the words didn’t pose many problems for writing this week.



And let’s see what we have coming up for this week…

March 7th: queasy

March 8th: awesomesauce

March 9th: boomie

March 10th: clammy

March 11th: dumpster

March12th/13th: grope

It looks like a fun week. Boomie is an unfamiliar word, though something which won’t be too hard to use anyway. Awesomesauce! I didn’t think I’d see that word in an ugly words calendar. Is it ugly? I find it fun to say and some of my friends used it a lot. Oh well, it’ll be fun to use in a prompt anyway.

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