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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 59

It was the first time Emily was thankful for being blind. She was sure it was the only reason she was being allowed to visit Skylar. Squished between two broad shouldered men in the backseat of a car, she tried to keep track of the turns and distances.

It didn't take long for her to realize they were going around in circles. Big circles, small circles, clockwise and counter. The windows were closed and noose canceling headphones were over her ears, playing Flight of the Bumblebee on repeat.

When the car finally stopped, Emily was ready to stretch her legs. But first the whole car was filled with some lavender room freshener, enough to make her cough as one of the men dragged her out of the car.

She hadn't even been allowed her cane. Hands empty, yet so clammy. Uncertainty, helplessness, confusion, and the weight of being lost caused her breathing to spike as she felt a burst of cooler air across her face.

Even within the building the men made efforts to disorientate her. More circles, abruptly spinning around to go back, just spinning her like she was about to strike a piñata.

Finally, she was pushed into a chair and the headphones were taken off her head, skewing her sunglasses. She quickly fixed them as she was given orders to stay. She listened as the men left, but for a bit there was only silence.

"Emily!" There was a set of fast footsteps which immediately crossed the room to her and a slow set that didn't stray far from the door.

"Skylar!" Warm hands enveloped Emily's. "Are you okay?"

"I’m okay.” A small metal disk was pressed into Emily’s palm before Skylar’s hands pulled away. Emily closed her fingers around it.

“What are they doing with you here?”

Their sigh almost echoed. “Lots and lots of questions.”

“When are you going to leave?”

“They haven’t said.” The hands returned, this time wrapping around Emily’s shoulders. “I’m cooperating,” their voice dropped to a whisper, “but they still won’t let me go.”

Emily hugged Skylar tight. “We’ll figure something out.”

“Don’t do anything crazy.” They leaned back a little, and squeezed Emily’s shoulders. “Either they let me go home, or they don’t, but you and John need to stay out of trouble.”


“Promise me Emily.”

“I won’t do anything crazy.”

“Pinkie promise.” Their hands fumbled for a moment, before their pinkies curled around each other.

“I promise I won’t do anything crazy.” They shook. “But I can’t make any promises for John.” Skylar started laughing.

“What?” Laughter made their words warble. “We all know you are the one to worry about.”

“Time’s up.” The voice near the door was surprisingly female.

“Bye Skylar. Stay safe.” Emily squeezed Skylar’s hand.

“You too Emily.”

The warmth was gone, footsteps disappeared, and the door clicked shut once more. The little metal disk fit snugly into the rip on the cuff of her sleeve. It would be safe there.

Word count: 497

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