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Week 10 Recap and Week 11 Preview


This week I wrote 2,866 words. So far so good! Chugging along, with words and stories. Things have been interesting in terms of plot that’s for sure.

Boomie is such a strange word… like, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how it became a short, supposedly cute, word for the short videos that are posted to Instagram. It’s just weird. The other words were familiar and I enjoyed working with them.

Awesomesauce! It was such a surprise to see it in the calendar, but it was a joy to work with. Otherwise… Things went pretty well generally. I hope this next week goes as smoothly as this one did.



Let’s take a look at the words for next week!

March 14th: taint

March 15th: smarmy

March 16th: nubile

March 17th: wrinkly

March 18th: croissant

March 19th/20th: burp

Most of these make sense for the calendar theme… but croissant! I mean, the little blurb for March 18th speaks to how the word feels gross when someone starts to turn up their nose at them. But sometimes I just wonder if they were running out of words that were more universally considered ‘ugly’ they were willing to put in the calendar.

Oh well. I will write a story with croissant for Friday. Now though… I want a croissant. Sigh.

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