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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 41

Sugar and pizza fueled giggles filled the room. Track trophies glimmered from the battery tea lights. Pillows and blankets covered the floor, the girls piled atop with their snacks and pops close, though for some those were completely forgotten as the game of truth or dare got crazier.

At least, as crazy as the gaggle of responsible, studious, future planning teens got. Well, and one shape shifting alien who was attending their first multiple people sleepover.

Skylar ended up between Emily and Hannah in the loose circle. Amber, Kelsey, and Lilah were on the other side.

"Truth or dare, Skylar?" Kelsey asked.


"Every time." Kelsey muttered before clearing their throat. "Okay, how about..." She looked around the room. "You lick Amber's foot."

"Hey!" Amber pushed Kelsey. "No one is licking my foot. Or anything."

"Choose something inanimate." Hannah said.

"Oh!" Kelsey pointed to the cane strapped to a backpack. "Lick the bottom of Emily's cane!"

With a huff which was mostly for show Skylar leaned over to grab Emily's backpack. After pulling it into their lap they leaned down, and swiped the tip of their tongue over the bottom of the cane.

"Yuck." Skylar grimaced. They quickly washed down the dirt taste with some pop before pointing to Lilah.

"Truth or dare?"


"What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened in front of a crush?" Skylar had gone over a dozen different truths in preparation for tonight.

"Um..." Lilah pushed her glasses up, her face getting redder by the second. "Okay, so end of last year I was getting ready to ask Patrick out. We were the last two left in the art room. And I, uh, um," Lilah covered her face with her hands and mumbled something.

"Couldn't hear you." Amber pulled Lilah's hands away from her face.

Words tumbled out of Lilah's mouth so fast Skylar's translator had a hard time keeping up. "I farted and it was a bad one, and I was going to make a chem joke to try to play it of, but Patrick smelled it and turned to me and asked 'did you just queef?' and I like, died right there." She grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it to scream.

The only person who didn't offer immediate sympathy for Lilah's plight was Skylar. They were still trying to figure out what exactly happened and why it was so embarrassing.

"Queef?" They asked, but even as Hannah and Amber nodded, Skylar's translator didn't have a definition for it. They hadn't fully updated their translator, for fear of overloading or breaking it.

"It's like a fart, but it's through your... You know." Emily placed her hand over the front of her pajama bottoms, "the front instead."

“Oh,” Skylar rubbed their hands on their thighs. “That’s gross.” Everyone agreed with that.

Word count: 470

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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