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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 39

The garage may have been closed, but it was when the true drudgery began: paperwork. Raymundo looked over his stack and groaned loudly.

"Well, if you didn't leave all of it till Friday, it wouldn't be so bad." May said.

"Yeah boss." Raymundo checked his hands one last time for grease and oil before taking a seat. The stack started to tilt as he flipped through it, making sure he had at least already done all the billing forms already.

"You used to be pretty good." May walked around, collecting all the invoice copies and other things. "You got a girlfriend or something?" She grinned, though Raymundo was bent over his paperwork.

"Something like that." He muttered as he started adding his notes and signatures to the work orders.

"My last bachelor settles down." May sighed. "It's so lonely at the top." She hummed.

"Well if you didn't spend every single second here, you'd find someone." Raymundo glanced up, May had paused by the one grimy window. Papers held against her chest, her coveralls rolled down to her waist, black t-shirt blending into the shadows she was lost in her own world.

Knowing he should just finish his paperwork and get out of there didn't stop Raymundo from getting up to peek out the window as well.

Next door was a bar, which they shared an alley with. A man was throwing a couple small wooden crates into one of the dumpsters. He was the tall dark and handsome sort.

Raymundo whistled. May jumped, the papers scattering to the floor.

"Don't sneak up on me like that!" She pushed at his arm, but Raymundo only laughed. He quickly stooped to help her gather the papers.

"Sorry boss. But I had to see who you've been pining over."

"I'm not pinning!"

Raymundo chuckled. "Anyway. How about, instead of staring from afar I treat you to a drink tonight? As an apology for keeping you late on a Friday." May paused, glancing up at the window from where she was crouching. "Yes. At the bar next door."

"But I'm in jeans and a t-shirt."

"So am I." May turned an irate glare at Raymundo. "Which means people night not assume we are on a date." The window drew May's gaze again. "Well?"

"You have to finish your paperwork at a decent time first." May scoped up the last of the papers. "Then... We'll talk about going for a drink."

"Okay boss." Raymundo handed her the fallen papers her had gathered before going to his desk. That stack wasn't going to fill itself out. "Then a drink, and you can introduce yourself to Mr. Hottie over there."

"Paperwork!" May called as she headed to her office.

Word count: 453

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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