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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 38

"So..." Skylar sat on the ottoman in Emily's bedroom. Fingers tapping on their thighs they watched Emily rearrange her vinyl collection on the shelf above her bed. "Today is Saint Valentine's day."

"Yep." Emily said.

"But seeing as you are unattached as am I... What do we do?"

"Anything we want." Emily let herself fall backwards across her bed. "But I don't suggest going out, most places are booked solid tonight."

"Well." Skylar leaned forward to scratch a patch of dry skin on their foot. "What did you and John do last year?"

"We made chunky monkey shakes and listened to various musicals. Usually singing aloud." Emily sighed. "But if you-"

"Let's do that!" Skylar jumped up. "You guys hum and sing musicals all the time!”

“All right.” Emily sat up. “First, the shakes.” She bounced off her bed and grabbed her collapsible cane, but didn’t extend it. “To the kitchen!” She held it out like a sword and held her other arm out for Skylar.

Skylar grabbed their arm and jogged with Emily down to her kitchen. They took bananas, chocolate ice cream, milk, and ice to make their shakes. “For it to be a true chunky monkey, we can’t blend it too long.” Emily leaned her head close to the blender as Skylar pulsed it.

“But don’t you drink shakes through a straw?” Skylar shouted over the whirring.

“Not this one!” Emily said.

Skylar poured the drinks, chunks of banana plopping into the frosted glasses with the rest of the shake. The ratio of ice cream to milk was low, so it was thick. After Skylar wiggled the blender back into place Emily held out her hand. The handle was pushed into her hand so she lifted the glass.

“Cheers!” The glasses clinked together and the two cheered. “Okay, so, what musical do you want to start with?”

“Oooo…” The drumming of Skylar’s fingers carried on while they thought. “The one that takes new spins on your old fairy tales.”

“Into the Woods?”


The pair took over the living room, as Emily’s and older sister were all celebrating Valentine’s Day. The laid out a couple big fluffy quilts, tossed down a few pillows, and cranked the stereo system. It didn’t take long for Skylar to learn the lyrics. The songs were belted out by the two friends, drinking their chunky monkeys in between songs and giggle fits.

Word count: 400


<3 Happy Valentines Day!! <3

I hope you enjoyed this day however you ended up spending it!

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