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Ugly Words Challenge: Week 6 Recap and Week 7 Preview


This week I wrote 2,848 words. I had a lot of fun with most of the prompts this week. Gauze and pus ended up with similar plots of injury and I used gauze in both stories. They were fun though. Hannah’s injury in the 'pus' story was based on an experience my mom had in track.

Nubbin was interesting, a short dedicated more to description than the dialogue back and forth I have used in many of the flash fiction pieces so far. Description is something I feel I need more work on, so this was a good exercise in that I think.

Avuncular proved more difficult than I expected. Mostly since what I tried had plots longer than would allow in my chosen word count limits. I had to cut some of the buildup to the surgery in order to make it fit. I also had a draft with Raymundo and Chris, but again, there was more buildup with Raymundo having to contact DJ, and it ended up too many words.

So far so good though! Onto week 7!



And here’s what next week has in store for me:

February 14th: chunky

February 15th: drudgery

February 16th: groin

February 17th: queef

February 18th: potpourri

February 19th/20th: squish

This is certainly an interesting collection of words. Chunky is probably a good word for Valentine’s Day, you know, because of all the candy. (Though most of that candy is on sale the day after, so perhaps it would have been more fitting for the fifteenth.)

And then there’s queef, which, to be honest I didn’t know how to spell it. And my open office spell check keeps telling me it’s misspelled. It wants me to correct it to ‘queen’ or ‘queer’. But that’s probably because how many people write the word ‘queef’? I mean… it’s a word you don’t hear very often either… so… interesting. And yes, gross.

I remember learning what that word was for the first time, and just… gross. It was a conversation I wish I wasn’t a part of. Then again… I guess I know what it means now… So… helpful? Or a possible real life experience to pull on for the flash fiction.

Aside from queef, this week doesn’t look too bad.

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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