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Week 32 Recap and Week 33 Preview


I wrote 2,458 this week! It was a good week. As far as flash fiction pieces relating to the larger plot, I think all of them tie to something I’ve already touched upon. Though glisten is kind of left as a cliff hanger, and really would tie into something I’m actually not sure will be part of the larger plot. Also the piece for krug is a little bit… off. I was going to go into a scenario with May finding out about Raymundo’s alien heritage, but I wasn’t sure if I could encapsulate that drama in the word count and the time frame, since I was out and about for my birthday dinner. So that one has lots of room for improvement.

Otherwise, these were fun little snippets to write. I hope this next week will be as enjoyable to write.



Part of how enjoyable next week will be, depends on the words I’ll have to use. So let’s see what I’ll be working with this week!

August 15th: polyglot

August 16th: salami

August 17th: brobdingnagian

August 18th: vein

August 19th: ogre

August 20th/21st: secrete

Okay, um. Salami? I love salami! It was one of my favorite sandwich meats to bring to school. Though I suppose it is an acquired taste, and this particular list is very subjective. Polyglot is also a word whose definition doesn’t seem ugly, but people who are polyglots can have an arrogant attitude which isn’t pretty.

Brobdingnagian is ugly for the length alone… and the spelling. Oddly enough, my spell check is marking the lowercase word as spelled wrong, but the capitalized one is spelled right.

This looks to be a fun week regardless.

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