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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 193

“Let’s do something fun today Raymundo!” DJ stood in Ray’s living room, pointing to the entertainment center with his lucky PlayStation controller.

“Becky shouldn’t have called you.” It looked like the couch cushion had molded itself around Ray. The man limply sitting there, barely moving even as he spoke or breathed.

“Why not?” DJ walked closer. Ray had his head leaning back on the top of the couch, eyes staring up at the ceiling, unblinking. DJ glanced up, seeing absolutely nothing as he expected. “My wifey took care of your girlfriend while she had pneumonia. So I guess it’s my turn to take care of you.”

“Thanks for reminding me what a horrible boyfriend I am.”

“You haven’t been dating that long, you weren’t expected to completely drop your entire life for her.”

“And yet I did for a pair of strangers. And besides some knowledge, all I got in return is paranoia and insomnia.”

“Bro, I’m going to need some context.”

“I’m not telling you.”

“Really?” DJ finally sat down next to Ray, the cushion also sinking and molding to his body. He set the controller on the coffee table.


DJ shook Raymundo’s shoulder, but got no resistance, not even a look of annoyance. A closer look at Ray revealed circles so black that if DJ didn’t know any better he’d assume Ray got into a fight.

“You know, I can only give my award winning advice if I actually know what the problem is.”

“The less you know, the better, the safer you are.” Raymundo’s voice dropped to a whisper before he stood up.

“So, it’s alien related?”

Ray sighed. “Go home DJ. I’m fine.”

DJ got to his feet as Ray started walking away. Again DJ grabbed Ray’s shoulders but this time he pulled away and sprinted across the living room.

“Hey!” DJ managed to get a hold of Ray’s arm and hold him inches away from escaping to the safety of the bathroom. “Don’t run from me. I want to help you. I can’t if you don’t at least tell me why you’ve been having trouble sleeping.”

“I don’t want your help! I want you to stay safe!”

“What did you do while you were gone!”

“I told you I’m not telling you!”

DJ scowled and pushed his friend towards the bedroom he was heading for. “Fine! Don’t!”

“I won’t!” Raymundo turned yelled in DJ’s face.

“Good!” DJ rolled his eyes and stormed away. “Keep your secrets!”

“I will!”

DJ slammed the door to Ray’s apartment behind him. No one poked their heads into the hall, so there was no one too apologize too, but DJ murmured it to himself anyway.

Ray looked at the controller, sighed, and walked over to his bed. Sleep still didn’t come no matter how much he wanted to avoid thinking about the fight.

Word count: 474

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