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Week 31 Recap and Week 32 Preview


I wrote 2,683 words this week! I actually enjoyed this week a lot, despite still fighting bouts of strong procrastination. Though, only a few of the prompts lend themselves towards the overall plot development, viscous having the strongest tie, with scrotum and muckraker being fun anecdotes about Raymundo’s ancestors. While they might not be important enough to earn space in a full length novel, these snippets have helped inform me of what Raymundo does and does not know, and how his feelings about this may change over time. And these are important to know if I want Raymundo to feel well rounded and real.

Diphthong is also a bit of a stretch, but knowing a bit more about how Emily and John’s early friendship was, will help inform me how their friendship in the actual novel fits in. Though, I really enjoyed writing this one, I too have the same question as John in regards to why a word with multiple syllables is used to describe words with one.

Cummerbund was just a sweet side snippet I enjoyed writing. There are plenty of other Ray and Becky moments that also have ties in with the plot, so this one will probably stand as is here. And chafe… well, I think the detail of Emily’s mother making Braille labels for things is something that will make it into something longer, but otherwise it is just another snippet of Skylar adjusting to human life.

All in all it was a fun week and I’m pumped to see what’s to come!



Let’s see what is coming up this week!

August 8th: flatulence

August 9th: glisten

August 10th: insatiable

August 11th: krug

August 12th: larva

August 13th/14th: wifey

Ha. Flatulence and larva are the kind of words I expected when picking up this calendar. Glisten is not, I actually wouldn’t have thought for it to show up. I suppose the description in the calendar, as the weakest form of shimmering or sparkling lends it to be more likely to be in this calendar. Still, I feel there are more ugly words out there.

Insatiable is usually used for negative things, so its connotation is probably about as ugly as other words get. Krug sounds ugly but the definition isn’t. And wifey… is a word I hear more on the internet talking about fictional characters, or the like more than anyone seriously calling their spouse wifey. For reality it makes me cringe, yet I think its cute when I’m talking about fictional people… a strange duality for that word, but I suppose the cringe factor allows it to make more sense than glisten to be an ugly word.

This looks to be a fun week.

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