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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 91

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

The alarm clock kept the steady green glow even as the sun started to set. Becky set the book aside, rubbing her eyes. Becky wiggled herself deeper under the covers to lay down. Day two of being home with pneumonia wasn’t any different than day one. Except now, Penny had arrived with Chris to stay a few days since Raymundo was out of town.

Penny kept Chris busy in the living room most of the time, popping in to check on Becky about every hour. She brought meals, water, medicine, and fetched books for her.

The bedroom door squeaked open, and Becky looked over. She didn’t see anything at first, so she pushed herself back up to a sitting position. Little Chris toddled into the room holding a block in one hand and a toy car in the other.

“Well hello Chris.” Becky smiled. She rested against the side of the bed.

“Hi!” Chris waved his hands, and then plopped onto his butt. He pouted and looked up at Becky. Tears were starting to form in the corners of his eyes and his face was scrunching up. Becky thought he was moments away from a tantrum which she really wasn’t in the mood for hearing.

“Oopsie!” Becky forced a grin.

“Oopsie!” Chris repeated. He clapped the toys together and giggled. Becky took a deep breath, and then wrinkled her nose. As Chris pushed himself back to his feet, she detected a fetid air moving with him.

“Chris,” Becky fought the urge to plug her nose as the kid took uneven steps forward. “Did you go potty in your diaper?”

“Potty!” Chris leaned against the side of the bed, holding the green car out to Becky. The odor was stronger now, and it made Becky’s headache worse.

“Where’s mommy?” Becky asked.

“Potty!” Chris said again. He started driving the little car along the top of the bed next to Becky’s legs. Making little car noises he focused on playing.

“Well,” Becky carefully slipped the sheet off her and moved her legs to put her feet on the floor. “Let’s get you to Mommy.”

“Mommy.” Chris gurgled. Becky stood, glancing down to see Chris hold his arms up towards her. Becky bent forward and lifted him. She took a deep breath to steady herself before taking slow steps towards her bedroom door.

“Penny?” Becky called as she approached the bathroom door. “I think-” The bathroom door flung open.

“Becky!” Penny scolded. Her hands first grabbed Chris to prop him on her hip. “You should be resting.”

“I know-”

“Oh, goodness Chris.” Penny sighed. “Yes, he stinks. I’ll take care of it. Off to bed with you.” Penny shooed Becky before taking Chris into the bathroom.

“I’m going.” Becky mumbled, not that Penny seemed to pay attention to her words. Penny just glanced over her shoulder to make sure Becky started walking back to her bedroom. “Thanks Penny.”

“You’re welcome Becky.” The other woman smiled before shutting the bathroom door.

Word count: 497

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