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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 90

Skylar crept down the hall, Leama's snores were so loud they weren't particularly worried about waking either parent. The rumbling sounds even haunted Skylar outside, as they slipped between buildings and crossed into the twisted shadows of the dying cone trees.

The walk was quiet, the moon hanging low being Skylar's only company. Not that they minded. It was best if this was a solo mission. Skylar was desperate, as were many on Qwortar, but at least Skylar could still think rationally. Something which would be needed during their journey to another planet to find new sources of food.

Once through the stretch of trees, Skylar stared at the old building. With wooden slats haphazardly nailed together, leaving gaps, and all the windows shattered, it was the most decrepit building Skylar had seen up close.

Skylar approached, eye held up periscope style and swiveling all around as they did. One thing Skylar had learned from Leama, was some places were not as they seemed. Applying an illusion with the right technology was one layer of security for some government owned buildings.

With a slow push, Skylar peeked through the doorway. All they saw, was darkness. Holding up Leama’s identification badge changed everything.

Bright white lights turned on. The large room had only one thing inside.

A small ship designed to be piloted by one to two people. Also equipped with warp drive so Skylar wouldn’t waste years on their journey to obtain food.

“Hey!” Skylar’s eye spun to face a guard, marching towards them on four large tentacles. “Get out of here!”

“I’m sorry.” Skylar mumbled. Their parent kept smoke grenades in the house, and Skylar tossed one. Purple putrid smelling gas filled the space between them. The smell wasn’t really much of a problem, Skylar assumed the guard had just as quickly pulled their beak inside their body when they did. Instead the thick cloud was the cover Skylar needed.

Coiling their tentacles underneath them Skylar built up their energy stores before launching themselves through the air. They smacked against the floor near the door of the ship, body trembling as they hurried onto ship.

The ID allowed Skylar to start the ship. “Just like flight school.” Skylar mumbled as they started manipulating the controls.

“Step out of the ship this instant or be charged with a Class C Felony!”

“Sorry!” Skylar bashed a button to rise up the shields to keep the guard away. Another few dials spun and levers pulled and the engine roared to life. Without wasting another moment, Skylar ran the lift off sequence. Not knowing how to open the roof, Skylar launched the ship right through it. Broken pieces of the roof fell into the room Skylar left behind.

With so many people starving, Skylar was able to leave Qwortar without further incident.

Word count: 469

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