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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 89

Raymundo and Lucky his under an isolated pier. The sunlight was just starting to dance over the ocean, making their waiting spot nice and dark.

“You remember how to use the capture vessel?” Lucky whispered from behind a wooden pillar closer to the shore.

“Yes.” Raymundo wrapped his fingers around the small ball in his pocket, right now about the size of a gumball. “Remember, just knock him out.” A thumb’s up appeared for a moment in the shadows. Raymundo looked across the beach, holding his breath as a silhouette approached.

Just like everyday the past two weeks, Ferguson jogged down the beach barefoot, in blue basketball shorts, sunglasses, ear buds blasting Apocalyptica, and an arm band around his bicep holding his phone.

Once Ferguson was about halfway across the shadowed section under the wooden slats, Lucky, being better and faster at transforming, shifted into a figure even larger than Ferguson, arms as big around as a body builder's thigh. They were also willing, while Raymundo was hesitant, to slam their fists in just the right spot to make Ferguson drop to the sand, eyes rolling to the back of their head.

Raymundo stepped out from behind a pillar the pocket capture vessel in his hand. With a push of the button and a flick of the wrist he tossed it at the passed out man, who immediately seemed to dissolve into the flash of green light. The baseball sized sphere sat in the sand, almost in the center of the light impression left by Ferguson’s body.

“Are you sure you didn’t kill him?” Raymundo asked. He rested a hand on a column, rough barnacles pressing into the callouses on his palm.

“I’m sure.” Lucky’s deep voice was surprising and Raymundo instinctively looked up, one foot poised behind him, ready to flee. Their head almost touched the pier above them, their arms partially bent with fists clenched.

“You better be right.” Raymundo ran his fingers through his hair. “Because I didn’t sign up to be an accessory to murder.”

“And don’t forget the identity theft.”

“Don’t remind me.” He bent over and picked up the vessel. “And please return to…” He sighed. “A human of normal proportion.” Lucky laughed, a deep and rich sound.

“Don’t like the super buff?” Lucky raised their arms, posing with them bent, muscles under the skin bulging. Raymundo just shook his head. Lucky continued to laugh, even as they changed back. From super buff to the body of Becky once more.

“Better?” They posed in the bikini, fluttering their eyelashes, hands hiding their smirk as Raymundo reddened against his will.

“No.” Hitting the little button again shrunk the ball so he could stuff it in his pocket. “Stop wasting time.” He turned away. “We have another person to capture.”

“All right.” Lucky grabbed Raymundo’s arm and he flinched. They giggled. “Sorry. I couldn’t help it.” They ran ahead. “Teasing you is just so much fun!”

Raymundo sighed and tried to focus on their next objective.

Word count: 500

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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