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Week 14 Recap and Week 15 Preview


I wrote 2,517 words this week!

Okay, so I liked this week. Oddly, most of the prompts were shorter than normal. Usually I am pushing that 500 every day and then cutting out a lot of words to fit my limit of 500. So that was nice, that I wasn't always struggling to cut words to make things fit. Except for thusly, but it was a Saturday, and I have more time to write and I really enjoyed writing it. At one point the story was over 600 words...

But it was fun. I mean, I finally threw the two groups together. So many plot avenues opened up with this!

I can't wait to stumble into some of the next big plot things!



Let's see what this week has in store for us.

April 11th: sputum

April 12th: cronk

April 13th: aioli

April 14th: barnacle

April 15th: decrepit

April 16th/17th: fetid

Ew. Sputum, fetid, and even decrepit make sense as gross and ugly words. Barnacle, well, is a little odd. They don't look great, that's true. Not the ugliest things to look at though.

But aioli! Why? The garlic mayonnaise mix is delicious. I guess it isn't the prettiest word to look at, nearly all vowels and I know I probably didn't pronounce it right the first time seeing it on a restaurant menu, so I guess it makes a little annoying or ugly in that sense. Unlike croissant.

Anyway, it looks to be an interesting week.

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