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Week 13 Recap and Week 14 Preview


I wrote 2,907 words this week. This week was easy enough to incorporate the prompts. And mostly fun too! It was especially fun to finally include the drawing by Billy! The little squid duck form is absolutely adorable!

Some of last weeks flash fiction pieces have more potential for a place in the final work I’m hoping to build from this than others. The scenes with ‘latrine’, ‘gerrymander’, and ‘bosom’, pack a bit more plot in them than the others. Though I’m not sure the word gerrymander will stick around, since it felt a little forced in the conversation.

All in all, it was a fun week! Some more plot stuff tied in this week, and we’ll see what next week has in store.



Let’s take a peek at the words for next week.

April 4th: nth

April 5th: paste

April 6th: rancid

April 7th: yolk

April 8th: scab

April 9th/10th: thusly

Well then. First… nth. Like, what? And why? It feels really random for this calendar, but it is a math word. And for someone who has had as much math problems as I had, then I guess I get it. I certainly don’t want to deal with multi-variable calculus anymore.

I find it amusing that my Libre Office wants to correct thusly to thus.

Otherwise I don’t think the words will be much of an issue. Off to next week then.

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