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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 87

"A bit cronk are we?" Penny asked as she knelt next to Becky. She hadn’t moved from sitting against the side of the bed. Head resting against her chest, focusing on her breathing,

"You've been watching too much Emperor's New Groove." Becky muttered as she lifted her head up.

"One, not Kronk with a capital K, cronk with a lowercase c.” Penny’s hair fell over her shoulder as she tilted her head. “Two, it's a great movie that Chris is obsessed with right now, but much better than the last one. And three, as a parent of a toddler I have no concept of 'too much', as long as it is something that keeps him from trying to stick forks into electrical outlets."

"Too much talking." Becky got to her knees and then started to stand. The pressure in her chest increased and she gasped for breath.

"Right." Penny fit herself under Becky's arm, pressing up against her side and below the shoulder. They made an interesting pair while they walked to Penny's car; Penny stooped in order to support Becky's weight while she still managed to lean precariously forward and wheeze for breath.

Penny was a calm but ruthless driver, not waiting for anyone when lights turned green, aggressively cutting slow drivers off, and making her tires squeal during the sharp turn into the Emergency room parking lot.

Becky was whisked pretty quickly away, Penny following with Becky's phone in case Ray called.

The good news, Becky would be just fine. The bad news, she was going to be miserable until then.

"Now that you know the answer," Penny put Becky's phone in her hand, "you can text Raymundo back. He sounds worried."

While sitting on the examination table Becky scanned the texts, Ray expressed his worry, showed his remorse for not being there, and wished her luck.

Hey Ray. I’m a bit miserable, but it is just pneumonia. I should be fine. Waiting for the sputum test to determine which antibiotic I need.

Oh wow. Pneumonia. When you go home, make sure to drink water and rest to get well soon.

Of course Dr. Ray. ;)

Haha. I’ll try to finish up out here early, so I can help you out.

You don’t have to rush on my account.

The sooner the better for everyone really. Don’t worry. I miss you.

Miss you too. And love you.

Love you too.

Becky put her phone away as the doctor returned. Antibiotics prescribed and with Penny to help her out, Becky got to return home.

Word count: 425

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