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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 86

Becky groaned as her alarm went off. Her body felt heavy and sore. There was pressure in her chest. As she blinked the world spun and her stomach twisted. Lurching out of bed she covered her mouth with both hands. Nearly tripping on the blanket as it fell to the floor she stumbled to the bathroom.

It was the one time she regretted the habit she had instilled in Raymundo: shutting the toilette lid to flush. She was already coughing stuff up as she pushed the lid up. While most of it did end up in the bowl itself, there was some on the outside of the toilet, the floor, and even some had splashed on the wall.

She certainly didn't want too, but she looked down into the toilet as she caught her breath. Groaning, she rested her head on her arms.

It wasn't vomit. It was a greenish yellow liquid sure, but there was no food chunks, and no acid burn in the back of her throat. Becky knew the word since her doctor and nurse friends used it a lot: sputum. Some of the pressure in her chest was gone, but she still wasn’t feeling all that great.

"Of freaking course Raymundo had to be gone this week." She muttered as she dragged herself back to the bedroom for her phone.

Fingers quick as she could make them Becky called Penny. "Hey Penny, can you come get me and take me to the hospital?" Becky pushed herself up to sit and lean against the side of the bed. "Yeah, I'm not feeling so good, and Raymundo is out of town." Becky closed her eyes so the world would slow down. "Thanks Penny. See you soon. Oh, well," Becky sighed, "Ray is probably asleep right now, but I'll send him a text." Becky rubbed her hot and sweaty forehead. "Bye." Becky mumbled.

She sent Ray a text, that she was going to the doctor’s. With the time difference she wasn’t expecting a response, but she knew she would have wanted Raymundo to text her if something happened, no matter the hour.

And then she spent the next ten minutes between fighting the urge to look up the symptoms on the internet, and wondering if she should try to cough up some more before Penny arrived.

A pink quill with a line trailing behind it. Underneath the quill is "AllisonWrote" written in blue.

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