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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 73

The cheap motel room with the two beds and the dresser holding up the TV had barely enough room to walk.

While Raymundo poured over the intelligence they had gathered posing as flies, Lucky paced the room. Her ankle rolled for the fifth time that night.

“I’m going to break a cankle if I have to walk in these.” They moaned.

“But Miss Giovanni always wears big heels like those.” Raymundo glanced up from his bed, looking away quickly because of the strange twist in his gut from seeing Becky glare at him. “They’ll know something is wrong if you show up as her in anything shorter.”

“See here Halfling-”

“We’ve been over this, Halfling is a fictional-”

“Raymundo!” Lucky sat up and started tugging off the heels. “Your kind invented these.” She tossed them onto Raymundo’s bed. “I think it should be you who suffers with them.”

“You’re the better shape shifter.” Raymundo picked up the black heels by the straps, holding them at arm’s length. “And she’s the one who gets closest to Skylar.”

“I know.” Lucky groaned. “But I’d love to see you try to walk in those. As Miss Giovanni.” Raymundo shook his head. “You won’t get better at shifting unless you practice.” He sighed.

“I’ll try.” Raymundo twisted a dial on the camera Lucky brought with them. It projected a 3D model of Miss Giovanni in between the beds. He studied it for a few moments, closed his eyes, and let his body access the DNA stored in his system from touching her hair while following her.

Despite the snapping, popping, and general rearranging of Raymundo’s body to fit the image of Miss Giovanni, he felt no pain. It was odd, to have extra weight on his chest being smushed against his thighs as he bent over. While he was strapping the heels on feet that were much smaller than his own Lucky was comparing him to the model.

“Much better.” They commented as Raymundo began to stand. “You’re skin isn’t translucent this time. But I think the proportions are just a tad…” Raymundo looked down, realizing he wasn’t even able to see his feet with the breasts in the way. “Too exaggerated.” Lucky said.

Raymundo rolled his eyes and took a step forward. The heel dug into the carpet, his ankle rolled, and he nearly knocked over the TV as he fell. He hit the hard carpet with a grunt, long hair covering his face. Lucky laughed.

“Told you it was difficult.”

“Well, you still have to impersonate her.”

Lucky sighed. “I know. But it was fun to see you try.”

Raymundo sat up and pulled the heels off.

“Thank you.” Lucky said, heels back in place. “You’ve been a great help. Qwortar will remember you.”

Raymundo returned to his usual appearance. “You’re welcome.” He sighed and moved out of the way. “Now get back to practice.”

Lucky went back to pacing the small aisle between the two beds.

Word count: 495

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