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Week 11 Recap and Week 12 Preview


I wrote 2,737 words this week. It was a pretty easy week overall no big troubles. Though writing the story for croissant made me hungry. I practiced focusing on the sense of taste this week for sure, with the story for croissant, wrinkly, and burp having sections dedicated to taste.

I think taste is just one of those senses that gets a little left by the wayside in terms of being written about in fiction. I know I tend to forget about it even when there is eating or drinking withing the story. It feels good to get some practice in focusing on the sense of taste.



And let’s see what this next week will throw at me.

March 21st: adulting

March 22nd: barf

March 23rd: decay

March 24th: epidermis

March 25th: fester

March 26th/27th: cankle

Ha. I think it is amusing adulting is on the list. I don’t know, it is kind of a fun word to say. It can be ugly, in the whole, want to stay a Peter Pan idea of life. Oh well, you either adult or get yourself in trouble so… cheers to adulting!

The other words pretty much make sense. Cankle sounds more ugly than the definition would lead one to believe. These words will lead to some interesting ideas I’m sure.

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