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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 72

Raymundo had slipped into the barn as quickly as he could. Lucky had said there was a second distress signal.

Is the Earth already being invaded? Not by Reptilians, but Qwotorians?

A high pitched whistle pierced the air. Raymundo jumped, arms flailing to keep balance as he spun.

He met eyes with Becky, but the smirk gave away the fact it was really Lucky. "Wow, I have ancestors that trained on this model of Star Surfer."


"You know, I'm surprised it can send a signal at all."


"I mean, the only other one of its kind is in a museum of space travel because it was the first vessel with a warp drive."


"Oh yeah. A bit janky, prone to over or undershoot-"

"Wait! How the hell did you get here?"

Lucky blinked and placed one hand on their hip. "My ship. Which is safely orbiting invisibly-"

"Not here as in Earth." Raymundo pointed to the ground. "I meant here, in my barn."

"Oh. Well after I was out of your sight I transformed into a fly, and landed on the back of your elbow. And now we're here." Lucky flung their arms out.


"I figured you'd either lead me to the blip signal, or to Skylar."

"I already told you, I don't even know who Skylar is."

"Unless you are hiding them half-breed." Lucky pushed Raymundo to the side and ran for the ship.

"Hey!" Raymundo chased after them. "Don't make me turn on the intruder systems!”

“You don’t leave them on?” Lucky laughed. “Well, now you can’t do that until you are inside!”

They jumped into the ship, tripping over a small footstool Raymundo kept by the door in order to reach its control panel. He jumped in after them.

“Activate cage!” He slipped to the side as bars quickly surrounded Lucky from the floor as they was getting to their knees. “Deactivate heat!” Lucky leaned against the bars, smirking.

“This would work if any nosy human walked in.” With a toss of their head, Lucky stuck an arm between the bars, and then a leg, the rest of their body, even their head flattening in order to squeeze between the bars. “Now, don’t let the wound to your pride fester.” A quick shake, almost like a dog, and Lucky’s body returned to the perfect clone of Becky. “You just never expected a Qwortarian threat.”

“What do you want?”

“Skylar. And since I’m here, your ship should help me pinpoint their signal.” Lucky approached Raymundo, placing a hand under his chin. “Now are you going to cooperate, or will I have to show you some things this experienced Qwortarian can do to you?”

“You just want to find Skylar? Not start any kind of war with Earth?”

“As long as Skylar is unharmed, the two of us will return to Qwortar peacefully. And as quietly as possible.”

“I'll help.” Raymundo pointed towards his command center. “Let’s find Skylar’s signal.”

Word count: 495

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