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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 48

"Road trip." Emily's suggestion echoed in John's mind. It was a great plan. They just had to add in a detour to the one they already had planned. Of course, that was easier said than done.

John sat at his desk, various notebooks, maps, and his calculator spread out on top. Chewing on a pen cap, he punched in various numbers on his calculator.

Emily and Skylar lay on John's bed talking. The dream plans got wilder and more extravagant the longer they talked.

It was all fun and games until money was involved.

John and Emily had been saving for this trip for nearly two years, not necessarily very well, since they were occasionally irresponsible teenagers, but they had enough money for the old plan.


"That's an ugly sound." Emily said.

"Well," John spun his chair to face his friends. "Even if we sleep in the car, or camp we still don't have enough money for this extended trip."

"What if we pick up extra shifts?"

"If we keep pushing it back, the more likely someone is going to be suspicious of Skylar." John said.

"Hannah already nearly found out." Skylar whispered.

"Her dad has ties to the government, I swear." John muttered. "We are running out of time." Emily started humming. "Emily, now is not the time to hum Hamilton."

"I think you are stressing too much." Emily countered. "Younger people have crossed the country."

"By hitch hiking. Possibly getting kidnapped-"

"There's three of us!" Emily threw her arm in the air. "Who would try to kidnap three young adults?"

"Really bad people."

"Guys." Skylar sat up. "I know how we can save money!" John and Emily fell silent. "I can scare people in a haunted house.”

“It’s no where near Halloween.” John said.

“So?” Emily and Skylar asked.

“That just means we won’t have any competition.” Emily perked up. “We can clear out the pool shed, put up some plywood to make a room or two, use all our old Halloween decorations, and Skylar can totally scare people!”

“I totally freaked Hannah out when she saw my skull! Remember?”

“I remember just fine, but-”

“Ooo. We know a lot of the people in town, if we can give you a heads up to their fears will you be able to cater your shape shifting to them?” Emily started bouncing on the bed.

“Depending on their fear.” Skylar also sat up to bounce with Emily.

“Hey!” John didn’t have to wait long for the others to be still. “It’s a great plan, except for the fact Skylar needs to stay under the radar.”

Skylar grinned. “No one will know it’s me.”

When John didn’t have a comeback, Emily pulled Skylar to the floor so they could jump up and down.

“Haunted House! Haunted House!” The two of them chanted until John officially agreed.

Word count: 476

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