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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 45

Becky swung her legs into Raymundo’s lap. He started rubbing her feet. Laying her head on the couch armrest she let her eyes close. The radio played softly, Raymundo humming along. His fingers pressed deep into the side of her foot, particularly in the center of her bunion. She flinched.

“Well,” he started rubbing the bottom of her feet, “why haven’t you taken care of that yet?”

“I don’t like doctors.”

“Don’t you work with doctors?”

“Exactly.” She opened her eyes.

“Isn’t this something that only gets worse?” Becky shrugged. Even though Raymundo was only massaging her feet, muscles all over her body began to unwind. The warmth from Ray’s hands slowly traveled through her ankle and up her calf. “You really should do something about it.” Only the fact that he was still giving her a massage kept Becky from immediately telling him to stop nagging her.

“But doctors.” She said.

“We could try the ship.” Becky sat up, grabbing Raymundo’s arm. “I mean, I’d need a few hours to get the proper information into the database, but then we’d be good to go I think.”

“Why the hell didn’t you mention this before?”

“It slipped my mind.”

“What do we need to do in order to get this bunion off my foot?”

“Are you-” Becky started shaking Ray’s arm. “Okay. Okay. We need to pull as much information as possible about bunions, their surgery, and the human anatomy of the foot. I’m talking textbooks, videos, and pictures. The download will take a couple hours.”

“Easy.” Becky said. “And then…”

“I make the protocol do the bunion surgery, but seal you up the Qwortarian way, no scar.” Raymundo frowned. “Problem is, it can’t synthesize any more pain killers, and you won’t be able to get any prescription strength stuff.”

“I’ll be awake!”

“No.” Raymundo waved his hands. “It can still make the anesthesia. I think.”

“You think!”

“Bozo seemed knocked out when it removed the blockage in his system.”

“Why was Bozo getting surgery from your ship?”

“Er,” Raymundo wiggled his finger, “he ate a piece of my finger.”

Music stopped playing, and the radio hosts started talking. Not that Raymundo nor Becky listened as they rattled on about some crazy Wilbur spouting nonsense about aliens.


“I accidentally cut a piece of it off, and he ate it.”

“But-” Becky grabbed his hands. “You have all your fingers.”

“I’m like a lizard.” He stuck his tongue out. “So, it’s up to you. Surgery in the ship with no after care or painkillers, or… actually go to the doctor.”

“Ugh…” Becky flopped back down onto the couch. “When you put it that way I guess I should call my doctor.”

“See.” Raymundo started rubbing her feet again. “That wasn’t so hard.”

“Only because if something goes horribly wrong, which it may, then I can sue the doctors for millions.” She sighed. “And you aren’t worth that much.”

“Ouch.” The two of them chuckled as the music came back on.

Word count: 500

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