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Ugly Words Challenge- Day 33

"Hey there squirt." Emily groaned from her position on the couch. She hadn't been aware Tom was coming over. "What's up?"

She was debating whether or not she had any good acidic replies he hadn't heard yet when thundering footsteps from the kitchen interrupted her thoughts.

"How dare you!" Emily sat up as Skylar's voice roared from between her and Tom. "That language is completely out of line! You sir should be cast out immediately! Why if we were where I'm from you would have your be- mouth disabled for a year!"

"What the hell!" Emily didn't like the sound of Tom's voice. She bolted off the couch, and reached out both arms to clutch the back of Skylar's shirt while they continued to yell at Tom.

"Skylar!" Emily hissed and gave a sharp tug on the shirt. "Let's go outside."

"But-" Emily tugged harder. "Okay." Skylar took a back step with Emily. "But if you ever call Emily that again I'll cut your tongue-" Emily slapped her hand over Skylar's mouth and finished dragging them outside, Skylar trying to yell and push her hand away.

"Calm down Skylar!" Emily let go so she could close the back door.

"Calm down!" Skylar yelled, close enough for Emily to feel their hot breath. "But he called you- he called you..."


Skylar hissed. "Yes. That word. The word which is so insulting on Qwortar he-"

"You already gave me some mental pictures of punishments." Emily muttered. "It's not like that here. Squirt," she felt Skylar jerk back and she reached forward to grab their arm. "Is a regular word most of the time. I mean, it is a little annoying as a nickname, but sheesh..." Emily sighed. "No need to come to my defense that strongly.”

Skylar sighed. “Okay.”

“And the whole-” Emily’s breath caught in her throat when the back door creaked open again.

“Where are you from Skylar?” Tom asked. “Cos I’ve never heard of squirt being such a bad word in any region I’ve read about.”

“You know…” Skylar laughed, well, to Emily it sounded more like a gurgle. “A long way from here.”

“But where?” Tom’s flip flop smacked the concrete patio. “Could you point it out on a globe?”

“It’s not a regional thing!” Emily squeezed Skylar’s arm as she babbled. “It’s more like a, you know, a handful of bad bullies and now the word is traumatizing, you know?” Her voice squeaked.

“Yeah.” Skylar added on.

“So, then you made it even more traumatizing by threatening to shut people up when they say,” Tom’s voice suddenly dropped, “squirt.” He dragged it on, and on. Emily could feel Skylar’s arm tighten under her fingers.

“Something like that!” Emily spun so she could push her palms out towards Tom. “Now hurry up, my sister is waiting for her hot date!”

Emily held her breath until the door shut once more.

“Close one.” Skylar muttered.

“That was only the beginning.” Emily whispered back.

Word count: 496

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