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Ugly Words Challenge: Week 5 Recap and Week 6 Preview


I wrote 2,892 words this week. I think this week was one of the easier ones, the words familiar and relatively easy to incorporate. I started the dachshund prompt late, and for some reason had some trouble with it, but I completed it. Overall I think it was a good week, most of the flash fiction reaching my upper limit, but that’s fine.



And let’s see what this next week has in store for me!

February 7th: gauze

February 8th: squirt

February 9th: nubbin

February 10th: pus

February 11th: avuncular

February 12th/13th: booger

Such a strange collection of words this week. Two of which I didn’t immediately recognize: nubbin and avuncular. Even those two shouldn’t be too difficult to include. Especially with this group of characters. I’m looking forward to trying them out in some stories!

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